One of our goals at Danita’s Children is to find children suffering from malnutrition and other illnesses and connect them to help before it’s too late. Our heart is to reach those who are too far to come to us. We have been faithful to God’s call for us to continue our Outpatient and In-Patient Malnutrition Programs through our Medical Center. But, after years of seeing children come through our doors with minutes to live, we have seen some recover, and others who have not. This reality sparked a new hope for us here. There is always more we can do.

We are humbled to announce that we are expanding our Malnutrition Program. We will now partner with rural clinics, nurses, and health agents who are working deep in the mountains of Haiti in order to provide life-saving intervention for children suffering from malnutrition.

Mountain Outreach Program Objectives:

  • Provide support for health agents and rural nurses
  • Provide health agents and nurses with transportation to do home-visits in order to identify at-risk or already malnourished children and connect them with outpatient services in their area 
  • Provide support for already existing outpatient programs in the form of finances, medication, and/or Medika Mamba
  • Provide transportation for children who live too far out to go to the nearest outpatient program
  • Arrange mobile clinics every 3 months in North Haiti
  • Provide training for health workers/nurses on health education and life saving services

This program will mainly work out of our two malnutrition hubs: Baie d’Orange and Carice

There, we have coordinated with town nurses and health agents in order to run outpatient malnutrition programs, as they are roughly hours away from the nearest clinic. We have many needs in order for Health Agents to effectively go out into these communities and save children.

We hope to expand this program into most rural parts of Haiti, so that no child is left behind as we continue to make sure that every malnourished child has access to mobile medical clinics, supplies, and other resources in order to survive. Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our programs and ministry! More to come…