FAQ About Child Sponsorship

If you are thinking about sponsoring a child but would like to learn more, we are here to help! Danita’s Children child sponsorship program shares God’s love and empowers children and their families. Read these FAQs about sponsoring a child to get started.

How long can my sponsorship last?
As long as a child is in our program, you can be their sponsor! Many children will graduate from high school, but some will go on to higher education through college or vocational training.

Will my child write to me?

Yes! Each year you will receive a new school photo, annual progress, program updates, and special communications.

What Happens when my child graduates?

As the child approaches graduation, you will be notified of the plans for the future and given the opportunity to give towards their higher education, if you choose.

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Sara 6 Years Old

Emerline 14 Years Old

Mario 3 Years Old


Danita’s Children’s programs educate and empower vulnerable children and families in Haiti. Lives are restored through the provision of food, shelter, education, medical services, and discipleship. Our goal is to see transformation in Haiti by raising up the next generation of leaders in a Christ-centered environment. Together we are changing Haiti — one child at a time.


Outreach Program helping children with severe malnutrition.

Founder & cEO
Danita Estrella Watts

When Danita was 11 years old, her father took her to Haiti on a mission trip. She never dreamt that 25 years later, she would pack her bags and move to Haiti by herself with nothing but a promise from God: “Go and I will be with you.” So, without a job or a fail-safe plan, and just a $200 monthly commitment from her church, she packed her bags and moved to Haiti. 

Listen to her incredible testimony on this video!


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