Moise Majuste has a passion for animals. When he was 12, he recalls finding an injured chicken and nursing the animal back to health. He knew after that experience that this was his calling.

“I just love animals. On campus we
have goats and dogs, I love taking
care of them.” Moise

The chicken coop at Danita’s Children.

Our good friend and founder of Espwa Nouvel International, Pastor Charles Ikutiminu, started an agriculture project to teach students how to farm and asked Moise to lead the team at Danita’s Children. A group of our students met with local farmers and agriculture specialists to build a chicken coop and small vegetable garden.

The boys take turns tending to the garden.

The project currently has 17 chickens, some are meat birds and some are layers. The goal is to sell the meat birds and the eggs and use that income to buy more birds. Additionally, in late March, they planted a vegetable garden. In the future, onions, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes will be used in campus meals and sold at the local market to sustain the project.


“We have a chore list and take turns tending to the coop and garden. We all have to do this around our school schedules so we  alternate,” says Moise.

Eggs provide income for the project.

Most people in rural Haiti farm and have livestock. This project is teaching real life skills that will help the students in the future while continuing to provide nutritious meals for all our children.

Plans for the future? Danita’s Children was recently blessed with 106 acres donated by a generous supporter. This new land will be used for farming and will help Moise fulfill his dreams. Moise wants to finish school and focus all of his time on agriculture. We look forward to developing our agriculture program even further and becoming more self-sustainable!



Farming Program