Life Skills & Leadership Sports Complex

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To develop the Life Skills and Leadership Sports Complex that will teach discipleship and skills to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual development of children in Haiti.


children have the potential to thrive, but need the tools to do so and we know that this Leadership Complex is the tool that will open doors to their hearts and lives. A huge need in the nation of Haiti is to motivate and guide children in becoming responsible adults. Through our Life Skills and Leadership Sports Complex we will build character, equip and train them to be good citizens. Sports keeps vulnerable children off of the streets and gives them something to be a part of that is positive. The main “why” to the Life Skills and Leadership Sports Complex is most importantly to lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Just 20 minutes from the Danita’s Children campus, 106 acres has been acquired for sports and farming. Our plan is to develop the Life Skills and Leadership Sports Complex which will be open to ALL children in the community and surrounding areas.

• Volleyball Courts
• Basketball courts
• Soccer field
• Tennis courts
• Track and field
• Locker rooms
• Open pavilion for special events and conferences for leadership and spiritual development.


• Improves physical and mental health
• Empower students with life skills
• Improve leadership and team building qualities
• Learn time management and discipline
• Learn to respect authority, rules, teammates and opponents
• Boost self-confidence
• Sports is an important learning and discipleship environment for children.

For almost any child around the world, sports can be a source of inspiration and happiness. This is especially true in Haiti. Our sports teams have led the way in the community by encouraging other children and young adults to join. For several years, our boys have hosted a soccer tournament for 13 other teams and last year our girls’ volleyball team traveled to the capital and left as Haiti’s National Champions! This has given way to our vision for a Leadership Complex where we can reach more children and youth through their love for sports!


Costs include:
Sports Equipment and supplies
Mentoring Program
Discipleship tools


The Life Skills and Leadership Sports Complex is not just another project, but it has been a vision for years and it is necessary. Our mission is still the same, which is to rescue, love, and care for orphans and vulnerable children, but God has expanded our vision so we can reach thousands of more children and youth through sports. Your gift will impact generations to come!

Danita’s Children is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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