It is a privilege for us to be known in Haiti as a place for any child who truly has no other option. Generous people like you make this possible. Because of donors like you, and our reputation in our community, we have the privilege of knowing Judelka.

As a child, Judelka had a difficult life. At a young age she left her childhood home after being abused by her caretaker and had to spend six months in the hospital. After being hospitalized for months, the hospital staff began to look for options for her to live, but it was nearly impossible to find a place. Faced with a child who no one could take in, the authorities knew of just one place to call. They called Danita’s Children. And that’s when Judelka came
home to us.

In our Children’s Home, Judelka learned how much she is loved and cherished. She learned that her life has a purpose. Judelka wanted to share the love and care she had received with others, and at our center she found a place where she could be a blessing to other children.

Today, Judelka is twenty one years old and works in our Children’s Home caring for the 13 children we have with special needs. We are proud to call her a member of our team. At work, she spends her time loving and serving the special needs children.

At Danita’s Children, we have seen God’s work in the lives of Judelka, Christella, and so many other children as they bless us and others.  We believe that all the children we serve are precious to God and have a special purpose. We work hard to show them how loved they are. And we can’t do that without you.

Every day that our center is open we rely on people like you. Will you keep helping us serve these children by giving to support our Children’s Homes? With your help, we can continue our work of bringing love and hope to the children of Haiti.
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