When Simeon was born at just 28 weeks weighing less than three pounds, his nurses didn’t think he would survive. But he lived!

Simeon lived because of people like you.
You enabled our hospital to stay open even when many areas were shutting down because of the coronavirus. Because we were open, Simeon had a place to receive care.
You enabled us to provide oxygen at a time when oxygen is hard to find. Simeon came to us with Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome – for him this oxygen was lifesaving.
You enabled our staff to provide the care Simeon needed. Our amazing nurses and doctors helped Simeon through good and bad days and never lost hope. When he was finally able to leave the hospital, his birth weight had more than doubled thanks to their care.
One of our nurses said that saving Simeon’s life was the greatest experience of her nursing career, and it wouldn’t have been possible without generous donors like you.
Simeon has gone home, but our medical center is still open and serving children whose needs cannot wait until the coronavirus threat has passed. 
We are so grateful for your generosity which allows us to continue to care for vulnerable children like Simeon even in the face of a pandemic. Children like Simeon are reminders of the hope that we have even when our situation is dire.

If you would like to continue to support our center and the children we serve through this crisis, click the link below to learn more or give.