Food scarcity can be a very frightening thing, but in Haiti it is something we see the effects of often.

Malnourished children visit our clinic and feeding programs even when there is no crisis or pandemic affecting the area.

But now, with the effects of COVID 19, which forced the border with the Dominican Republic to close on March 19th, food availability has become a major problem for everyone, even us.

While basics like rice, beans, and pasta are available, other foods like meats and produce are very difficult to find, especially in the quantities we require. Haitian currency has also devalued as a result of the crisis and food prices are only rising in response.

People are fighting to find food and resources day to day, which makes it especially important that we keep our staff and the children in our care fed and healthy.

We know we have a strong support system of donors who are watching out for us and for the children we serve in times like this. We are so grateful to have you as a part of that system.

If you would like to support us in this time as we work hard to ensure our staff and children are properly nourished, please click the link below to learn more and give.