Rescuing, loving, and caring for orphans means providing them hope. Giving them the love of a family reminds them that they have a purpose and priceless value.

Dauphley became a part of the Danita’s Children family in 2014. At age nine he had experienced more than most children his age. Before we knew Dauphley, we knew his father, Dauphin. He worked with Danita’s Children as one of our school teachers. In 2011 Dauphin was robbed and beaten to death, leaving behind his wife and five children. He is remembered for his gentle spirit and kindness towards each of his students.

After a year of trying to manage her children on her own, Dauphin’s widow became overwhelmed and abandoned her children. Her son, Dauphley, and his siblings were split up between various family members, and he ended up alone with an aunt.

His aunt faced many hardships, making it difficult to provide proper care for her young nephew.

Despite his loss and sorrow, Dauphley retained his sense of joy and wonder and the light in his eyes. When Danita’s Children became aware of his situation, it was clear the Lord was leading us to take him into our home and he was very eager to become a part of our family!

Within minutes of his arrival, he was welcomed with hugs and laughter from his new brothers. It was incredibly touching to watch his life change right before our eyes.  One thing was certain. We knew that the Lord was not finished with picking up the broken pieces of his story. We know that He does today what He did the day we welcomed Dauphley home.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16.

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