Dear Friends,  

When I moved to Haiti 20 years ago, I did not have a clear vision for what God was calling me to do. All I knew was His Promise, “Go and I will be with you.” (Isaiah 41:10)  

The vision became clearer when the first 14 children arrived. The need was evident – food, shelter, and clothing. We started the first classroom in a small garage with those same 14 children.  

As they were homeschooled each day, I began to notice children from the village line up outside the fence and stare; it was then I became aware that this was about more than 14 children.  

“This was about a real community of children – this was an opportunity to touch and change the lives of a generation right outside my door…”

In 2006, my dream of a three-story school was built and became a reality. Today, almost 350 children who attend the Hope for Haiti Children’s Center School are daily loved, nurtured and educated.

Each child the school serves is provided with a Christian education – this consists not only of quality academics but spiritual mentorship as well, giving them an understanding of their true identity in Christ.

Further, our school provides a healthy Feeding Program that serves over 16,000 meals each month, along with access to professional medical and dental care.

Many Haitian children do not have access to any formal education. Most local schools are too costly for them to attend. Hope for a brighter future becomes a bleak outlook that perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Less than 20 percent of children attend secondary school and even fewer actually graduate. (source:

He joined our family in 2004 at seven years of age, after the devastating floods in Gonaives. He has always wanted to become a pastor, preaching his first sermon in our church when he was only 18.

Andre, now 22, has helped organize and lead our Sunday School. After leading a recent service, he declared, “I want to help raise the next generation that is coming after me to know God. I want them to see God as a loving Father!”  

15 years later, with the help of a generous sponsor, Andre attends Norwalk Community College in Connecticut, USA, and desires to use his gifts to bring hope and freedom to future generations in Haiti through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What first began as a mission to help get children off the streets and into a classroom, has given birth to a greater vision for which we could not have imagined. This is evidenced by our upcoming 6th graduating class having the opportunity to walk across the stage!

The success of these young men and women are providing us a clear view of exactly what YOUR support and investment look like on a grander scale.

Today, with 29 graduates plus the nearly 350 children attending our school, this vision continues through our teachers, mentors and house parents encouraging each child into a self-discovery of their purpose to become the future leaders of Haiti.

You may have heard the saying, “When you know better, you do better.” Our hope is that each child has the opportunity to know that education matters. And knowing better, which leads to doing better, can break the cycle of poverty.

We wish you could see firsthand the confidence, anticipation, and courage each child has as they graduate by walking across the stage to the audience applause. Know that your investment into the future of children like Andre can transform an entire generation.

Would you prayerfully seek the Lord on how you can help impact another class of students this year? Below are some of the ways you can help.

I am so grateful for you,



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