Watch this video for an exciting announcement for Danita’s Children!

Danita’s Children Medical Center has just been selected as a partner by
Haiti Air Ambulance for emergency medical transports!

With our Operating Room Suite in construction and on schedule for a late
Summer 2018 launch, this is the perfect time for such a strategic
partnership to be able to receive children with emergency medical needs
from all over the region.

Watch this video and read more below to find out more information on how this partnership will change the lives of children in Haiti!

Adas came to us at two months old when he was rescued by his younger, older sibling in a house fire.  The two were abandoned, and it was a miracle they survived the tragedy.  Adas’ sibling rushed him to a clinic nearby around midnight after saving both of their lives.  The next morning child services and law enforcement brought him to our Medical Center.  Adas was so badly burned he was unrecognizable. And his skull had been split open horrendously. His first 24 hours in our care were critical, and Dr. Jeanty cared for him, personally, around the clock.  Adas survived those first harrowing days, but even after a month, no one thought he would survive…

After being in our care, doors opened for him to be seen by a world-class plastic surgeon.  Haiti Air Ambulance flew in to transport him to the medical hospital where he would undergo two different surgeries. The staff and doctor there were astonished by our first response care and the loving, life-saving treatment Adas received in our medical center.

Today, Adas is healing beautifully and doing well. He will need future surgeries, but he’s going to make it, and we have embraced him fully as a new member of the Danita’s Children family.  Without the help of staff, nurses, doctors and Haiti Air Ambulance, Adas’ story could have ended very differently.  Because we have seen the life-changing difference it makes for a child to have access to air transportation in critical situations, we are excited to announce our future partnership with Haiti Air Ambulance! Danita’s Children will be recognized as a receiving hospital for children like Adas. Thank you for your continued prayers and support! More to come…

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