All women in our lives are worth it.

But there is a unique love that surpasses them all. The love of a mother.

Mikiatia was two years old when a Danita’s Children medical team traveled deep into the mountains of South Haiti. At the time, her mother, Marina, had spent the last three months trying to keep her daughter alive.

“My family was so sure that my daughter was going to die that they already had the casket paid for and ready for her passing,” she admitted.

When Marina met our team, she knew God had opened the doors of her village to meet them. She didn’t have to pay one penny. And after almost two months at our inpatient Malnutrition Program, she was able to take her daughter back home.

“When I go back to my village I don’t think anyone will believe she’s the same child. My child is like Lazarus – raised back from the dead.”

Mikiatia came to us at 11 pounds. When she left two months later she weighed 18 pounds! At our Malnutrition Center we see hope come alive every day. From feeding the mothers and children daily, spiritually and physically, to providing them a place to stay with their child – we do whatever we can to keep families together and hope alive. Mothers like Marina are the true heroes. They go against every doubt and fear to find a way for their children to have life.

This Mother’s Day, we cherish and celebrate the strong women in our lives, like Marina, who do what it takes to fight for their children day in and day out.

We love and appreciate you all! Thank you for your continued support and prayers for these families and children. Together we are changing Haiti, one child at a time.

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