A follow-up visit for a child who was recently discharged from our malnutrition center turned into a lifesaving encounter for two-year-old Claudine.

Claudine before & after

Claudine lives in a town called Derac. A team from Danita’s Children visited her town for an outpatient follow-up with a former patient. On this day they met Claudine, who was severely malnourished and very sick.

The team brought her back to our malnutrition center and admitted her to our inpatient program. Children are typically treated in our program for 60 to 90 days. Claudine’s mother stayed with her daughter for two months while she received treatment.

Before coming to our medical center, she sought help from a witch doctor. For months, she wasted all of her money on this voodoo treatment, but her daughter’s condition only deteriorated. Her mother was desperate for help. She found hope and healing at Danita’s Children. Not only is Claudine healthy, but her mom recently gave her life to Christ. Thank you for your support which brings restoration and hope to these children and their families!

Feeding Program, Malnutrition