From hockey to Haiti, recently retired professional athlete, Mike Fisher, is making an impact everywhere he goes. He and his wife, country singer, Carrie Underwood, are passionate about serving others. The couple recently hosted a private dinner in Nashville to benefit Danita’s Children and the next phase of the medical center.

Mike, Danita, Carrie and Karris in Haiti

Mike and Carrie had the opportunity to visit Danita’s Children in Haiti for the first time a few years ago. “It was definitely an eye opener; to see the extreme poverty, to see the need that is here in Haiti. But it was also special to see the difference this place is making and meet some great people.We left inspired to use our platform and it has been a privilege to be able to do that,” says Fisher of their trip.

Mike and Carrie welcome guests to the event

On October 15th, Mike and Carrie hosted a private event for their closest friends, family and business partners to raise money for the next phase of the medical center and introduce Danita’s Children to the Nashville community. This year Danita’s Children has seen a huge increase in the demand for a 24/7 medical center and a surgery center. The goal for the medical center project is to complete the operating room and hire more staff so our doors can be open 24/7. Currently, the only wing of our medical center that is open full-time is the inpatient malnutrition center.

Mike, Karris, Danita, Brenda, and Carrie at the event

In most cases, when a person needs medical care in Haiti, they will only be seen and treated by the doctor after they pay the bill. This makes access to medical care especially difficult for families who are already struggling to provide for their children’s basic needs. We see a lot of children in critical condition because the parents did not have the money to seek medical care and waited until it was a life or death situation. Our medical center does not turn away families when they cannot afford to pay. We treat EVERY child, regardless of the financial situation.

Mike visits the medical center at Danita’s Children

The next phase of the medical center will provide a quality operating room and 24/7 access to medical care to thousands of children in Haiti. This year, our medical center has seen over 6,570 children in our outpatient center. We have also saved 140 critically ill children in our inpatient malnutrition center. We are so thankful to each person who has given to make this dream a reality!

What’s next? Danita’s Children is working with a local contractor to complete the build-out of the operating room. Please continue to be in prayer for this project and keep up with the progress by joining our email list.

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