The power of your long-term investment is in the graduating class of 2017.

The graduating class of 2017

When we took the first child into our home 18 years ago, it was a long-term commitment. Since then, many children now call Danita’s Children “home” and several have started to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

In August, we had a special high school graduation ceremony for the class of 2017. Our hearts were full of gratitude as we have had the privilege of watching them grow up since they were toddlers. We have a phrase here at Danita’s Children that we share often, “An orphanage is not God’s plan for the family, but it is His grace.”

All of the students who graduated faced extreme hardships early in life; hardships that would have made quitting the easy choice. From natural disasters, sickness, loss and abandonment, each has their own difficult story, but it is also a story of His grace.

Celebrating the next chapter of life

You have the opportunity to invest in their lives during this season. After graduation, each student has the option of continuing their education through the higher education program. We continue to walk with them through the next phase of life to help them succeed.

Daphney Joseph joined our family in 2004. Daphney assists every summer with organizing books for the following school year as well as several events around campus. She is currently studying international relations at Quisqueya University in Port-Au-Prince.

Esai Pierre has lived at Danita’s Children for 17 years. He has a heart for music and he uses that gift to lead worship in church. He will begin university in 2018 and wants to study business and music.

Etlin Charles graduated first in the class of 2017. He has always dreamed of being a doctor. He recently began the 7-year medical program at Quisqueya University.

The girls of graduating class 2017

Junette Pierre has been a part of our family since she was nine. She is a gifted speaker and is studying law at Quisqueya University.

Ilio Vilma came to Danita’s Children in 2001. He will begin university in 2018 and wants to study agriculture.

Katiana Denis joined our family in 2010. She is excellent at both French and English. Her dream is to be a diplomat and she is studying international relations at Quisqueya University.

Nehemie Donatien came to live with us in 2004 after the floods of Gonaives. She is currently enrolled at Quisqueya University and studying business management.

The boys of graduating class 2017

Rodelinx Louis has lived at Danita’s Children since 2000. He’s known for his sense of humor and work ethic. He is studying law at Quisqueya University.

Shandely Adrien was the class President and the captain of the soccer team. He is studying agriculture at Quisqueya University with dreams of building a farming business.

Thaina Joseph has lived at Danita’s Children since 2004. She dreams of being a dentist. She is currently in the 4-year dentistry program at UNIFA in Port-Au-Prince.

Our older graduates are also seeking degrees at various universities in Haiti and the United States.

Fredelin Germain attends Austin Community College in Texas and is studying business.
Fritzner Joseph attends Woodland Community College in California and is studying political science.
Luckenson Toussaint attends College of the Ozarks in Missouri and is studying agribusiness.
Loudrige Pierre attends Eastern Florida State College and is studying business.
Francia Dervilus is studying international relations at Oral Roberts University.
Robenson Talabert is studying political science at UNIFA in Port-Au-Prince.

If you would like to be a part of their story, you can do so by helping them complete their education. The cost of tuition is $2,500 per year to send one of our children to study in Port-Au-Prince. Their lives will be transformed, and yours will be blessed, too!

Advanced Education