Moise knows exactly what he wants to do when he grows up. His love for animals and farming is impressive and inspiring.

From a very early age, Moise has always loved animals. When he was in third grade, he found an injured chicken and knew he had to help.  For a few weeks he spent all of his extra time caring for the chicken until is was completely healed. At just 16 years old, Moise is wise beyond his years and has a big heart for those around him.

“I want to keep learning more about agriculture and study it, so I can become a pro!”

A new farming initiative at Danita’s Children is giving Moise the opportunity to learn about agriculture. He is learning to balance the demands of caring for the chickens and keeping up with his school work. Through the farming initiative he has learned skills like gardening, construction, and the proper way to care for animals. The skills he is learning today will benefit him far into his future.