A few months ago Francisca arrived at our medical center. She was suffering from malnutrition and fighting for her life. She was admitted into our malnutrition program and for weeks no one knew if she would live.

Francisca was hospitalized for malnutrition, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Her mother, Sandra, stayed with her every minute as her daughter fought for her life.

Sandra is a loving mother. She cares for her child so well and does her best to provide for her family. But life in Haiti is hard. Sandra and her family still have days where they go without a meal.

Today, Sandra is grateful her children are receiving food through our feeding program and thankful that our medical center provided life-saving care for her little girl when she needed it most.

Francisca’s story has a happy ending. By the grace of God and because of your generous support, Francisca is a living, breathing MIRACLE!

There are many children like Francisca who are suffering. Not enough to eat. No access to medical care. Children who are in desperate need and fighting for their lives.

For $58 you can save the life of a malnourished child by providing a week of life-saving care. A small cost for such a tremendous impact!

Will you help save children from malnutrition and restore them to healthy lives?

We are thankful for your past donations and we ask that you prayerfully consider giving a gift today so that other children, like Francisca, can have a fighting chance at a better life!

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