Child Sponsorship FAQ

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Q. What will my sponsorship money provide for my child?

A. For just $29/month (USD), you make it possible for your child to receive nutritious meals, an education at Hope for Haiti School (including books, uniform and school supplies), medical care and, for the orphans in our care, a home where he/she receives clothing, daily care and lots of love.

Some sponsors give additional gifts to their sponsored child for Christmas or birthdays. In these cases, we ensure that this money is used for that specific child.

Q. How much of the sponsorship money actually goes to the child?

A. Of every dollar you donate, 90.2 cents goes directly to the support of your child, with 9.8 cents going towards administrative costs. At Danita's Children, we value financial accountability and integrity and are committed to good stewardship. For more information about our financial accountability, or to review a copy of our most recent form 990 or our audited financials, please contact us.

Q. Can we choose the child we sponsor?

A. When you register for sponsorship, you can tell us the age of the child and gender of the child you would like to sponsor. Or, if you'd like, we will select a child in need for you from our school or village.

Shortly after you sign up for sponsorship, you will receive in the mail, a picture of your child, a short bio, and information on how to further connect with them.

Q. Can I sponsor more than one child?

A. Absolutely! We have many sponsors who choose to support multiple children!

Some organizations, businesses, schools, etc., combine their sponsorship money to sponsor multiple children at Hope for Haiti Children's Center in the name of their organization.

Q. Will I get to see pictures and updates on my child?

A. Yes! You will receive annual updates/head shots of your child, and periodic projects or communication throughout the year.

Q. Will my child know he/she has a sponsor?

A. Not only will your child know, but he/she will be very excited about it. Our kids love their sponsors, and they feel very, very special to know that someone, even from miles away, is thinking of them. Please know that your sponsorship provides for more than just physical needs - it provides your child with a sense of belonging, and a knowledge that he/she is very special. To a child in Haiti, this means the world.

Q. May we write to and visit the children we sponsor?

A. We encourage sponsors to write to their child. We help with translations, where necessary. We also encourage you to send photographs of you and your family. Our children love to see who their sponsor is and often times keep your photos and letters to look at again and again.

It is also possible to visit the orphanage and campus in Haiti through our HopeWorks mission team's program. Contact our stateside offices for more information.

Q. Can I send gifts to my child?

A. Due to high import duties and restrictions by other foreign governments, large packages can no longer be delivered to our orphanage, however, you are welcome to send small inexpensive gifts that fit into a 6 x 9 inch envelope (i.e., stickers, bandanas, hair ribbons, small coloring books, small puzzles, paper airplanes, etc.). Please do not send jewelry, money or currency or any expensive type of gift.

Sometimes sponsors give additional financial gifts to their sponsored child for Christmas or birthdays. In these cases, we ensure that this money is used for that specific child.

Many sponsors choose to send gifts around the holidays or for the child's birthday. Feel free to send notes or cards at any time. The kids love it!

Contact Us for the mailing address to send your correspondence.