While we receive and treat countless children in our Malnutrition Center, we also have a burden for those children who never make it to us. We partner with local nurses and health workers in rural communities to support and enhance already existing outpatient malnutrition programs. In 2018, Danita’s Children launched a new and exciting program called Mountain Outreach.

One of our goals at Danita’s Children is to find children suffering from malnutrition and other illnesses and connect them to help before it’s too late. Our heart is to reach those who are too far to come to us. We have been faithful to God’s call for us to continue our Outpatient and In-Patient Malnutrition Programs through our Medical Center. But, after years of seeing children come through our doors with minutes to live, we have seen some recover, and others who have not.

We partner with local nurses and health workers in rural communities to support and enhance already existing outpatient malnutrition programs. This program exists to decrease the death rate of children in the most remote places in the country. Baie d’Orange, Haiti, home to 14,000 people, is located in the southeast part of Haiti. There is no doctor there, there is no medical facility there, and there is a malnutrition epidemic going on like no where else we’ve seen. We have partnered with two nurses from this area and have come along side their volunteer efforts to help turn this into a fully functioning malnutrition program. The Baie d’Orange Community Malnutrition Center now has two nurses on staff, a fully stocked pharmacy and a large stock of Medika Mamba. They are running both out-patient malnutrition programs and prevention programs.
Carice, Haiti, located in the northeast region of Haiti, is also an area that we are partnering with. We partner with a local nurse in this area to support and grow their malnutrition program and to be able to reach more children. Since starting mountain outreach program we have seen our reach grow further and further throughout the rural areas of Haiti. For every child who makes it to our Malnutrition Center we know that there are 10 more who are dying in their homes with no hope. It is for those children we started this program. This program allows us to go to them, to find those children who may have never had a chance to receive life-saving health care, and to either bring them to our Malnutrition Center or help them get to the closest help available to them . Our goal is to find the children who live too far away, who don’t have the money or resources to get help, and to ensure those children have a chance at life.


Program Objectives

• Bring food, medicine, love, and the Gospel
to malnourished children in remote villages
• Conduct mobile clinics every 3 months for
on-going follow-up
• Provide health education and resources for
rural health agents
• Deliver goats to impoverished families for
sustainable food security

We are performing mobile clinics for families to have their children seen, while providing intervention for at-risk children and doing follow-ups. We are delivering goats to impoverished families, which is an enormous economic and food security benefit. And, above all, we are bringing families the Gospel, demonstrating to them, in word and in deed, the love and saving power of Jesus Christ. It is our desire is to see every malnourished child that we can possibly reach have access to food, medicine, and other resources they need to survive and thrive. And more than anything, we want them to know how truly loved by God that they are! Thank you for your continued prayers and support for life-changing programs like these.

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