Our medical center provides families and children access to quality healthcare. Doctors, nurses, dentists, and other trained medical professionals perform primary medical and dental care. The medical center is a place of hope for parents and children; each patient not only receives physical care, but are also offered the opportunity to experience the love of Christ.

When people become sick in Haiti, their options are limited by the area in which they live and the resources they have to afford medical treatment. Danita’s Children dreamed of providing quality care where healing is possible for all families. Today, our medical center is able to provide life-saving healthcare to children in need.

With over 8,000 patients seen annually, our three-story, 17,000 square foot facility is a place of healing. Children and families travel to Ouanaminthe from across the country for care, as our medical staff is able to diagnose patients with on-site radiology and lab equipment, treat patients with an on-site pharmacy and now provide emergency medical care in our newly-opened operating room!

Danita’s Children Medical Center provides hope for each child who walks through our doors. We choose to take a holistic approach to healing, focusing on the physical well-being of each patient and the emotional and spiritual needs of every child and family we serve.

We also provide health awareness education programs to inform the community on how to prevent disease and maintain better care for themselves. Additionally, we are equipped to offer surgical and inpatient care. This includes a new partnership between Danita’s Children and Haiti Air Ambulance. Watch the video below to learn more!

Introducing: Our newly-opened Operating Room

Our newly-completed operating room’s first round of surgeries were performed September 2018. Watch this video to see more of our announcement! We are so grateful to our many supporters who have given their service, expertise and resources to make this amazing dream come true. As we continue to change the lives of children in Haiti, we invite you to pray about ways to get involved and partner with us! Click here to contact us today!

Recent News

Monthly Update + Crisis in Haiti


Dear Friends,

As many of you have heard, the crisis in Haiti continues to get worse and the country is preparing for a possible COUP. The opposition party continues to wreak havoc and vows to not stop until the president leaves. Our president has made it clear that he has no intention of leaving and is prepared to fight back. Food, gas, and clean drinking water is scarce. There are road blocks throughout the entire country, making it nearly impossible to travel. Businesses have shut down, hospitals can’t function, and the Haitian people are tired and desperate.

Many missionaries have left the country. Those that remain are on lockdown, rationing the little bit of fuel they have left for their generators and vehicles. We are also rationing our fuel, and we only use our generator a few hours a day, in order to charge our batteries for the medical center.

Our amazing staff has prepared an emergency plan and several of our medical teams have volunteered to remain on campus if matters get worse. Though the riots are close, our town continues to function without violence. The chaos we experience at the border is from hundreds of people trying to purchase gas in the Dominican Republic.
We know this is a continual battle, but that is why we are here. We LOVE Haiti and we are praying for a peaceful resolution. Please join us in prayer.

With God’s guidance and your generous help, we will continue to meet the needs of each child that is entrusted to the care of Danita’s Children and seek new solutions for the problems they face. As such, the programs and services of Danita’s Children are continually expanding and breaking ground into new areas, all with the mission to rescue, love and care for orphaned and impoverished children in Haiti.

Thank you for helping us change Haiti, one child at a time.



Since June, the children in our Special Needs Home have been spending time each day in their therapy playroom at our Medical Center where each child receives physical therapy and lots of fun, creative time!


Every year Shoreline Church hosts its very own SHINE Conference for the women in Haiti. This year they welcomed both men and women to a conference to “Awaken” their God-given dreams and callings. Men and women filled the church to hear the word of God. Thank you, Pastors Rob and Laura, and the Shoreline team. Your investment is helping us bring hope to Haiti.


Recently our Mountain Outreach team partnered with local medical professionals in the mountains in North-East Haiti to provide medical care to over 150 children! In rural regions, the rates of malnutrition are high and the availability of medical care is scarce. We want to thank Margaret Nemethy and our entire team for coming alongside the Baie d’Orange community and helping children overcome malnutrition!


Our Youth Pastor, Dave, organized and hosted a week-long Youth Leadership Event for 110 teenagers! This event was led by some of our older kids who spend countless hours preparing each week for Sunday School, our Wednesday night services and special events such as this one. We are excited to share about the community they’ve built to encourage, lead and disciple others in their relationship with Christ. We love seeing each of them use their God-given gifts and talents to impact their generation!


We are so excited to share that through the generous support of sponsors, three of our children, Andre, Katiana, and Shandely have each embarked on new journeys and are attending college in the U.S. this year! Andre became part of our family when he was just seven years old. After leading our children’s ministry on Sundays for the past couple of years, he continues his journey and dream to become a pastor. He is currently attending college this fall at Norwalk Community College in Connecticut.

Katiana became part of our family after the earthquake in 2010 when she was just 13 years old. She now lives in Washington where she is studying Engineering at Spokane Falls Community College. We are so grateful for her host family where she is able to focus on her studies and is supported with people who care for her and want to see her succeed. We are so excited for you, Katiana!

Shandely was only five years old when he became part of our family. This fall he began attending Eastern Florida State College with an emphasis in Business Administration and Management. In a recent personal vision essay, he shared:

“After I complete my studies, I will return to Haiti and start helping my community and my country. I want to be able to serve my people with what I learn in university and start creating job opportunities for people so they are not in the same cycle of poverty.”

Andre, Katiana and Shandely are only three shining examples of success among many of Danita’s children, as they each have had their lives completely transformed due to the Lord’s great provision and protection.


Last month we celebrated our sixth graduating class as they made their way across the stage and received their diplomas. We are so grateful for each sponsor who has invested in a child’s life through our Children’s Homes or School. Without your partnership, we would not be able to support each child who graduates and steps forward into their calling and future.

If you would like to partner with Danita’s Children by sponsoring a child or partnering with one of our life-changing programs, please click the link button below:

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VIDEO: See the lives YOU have transformed at our hospital!

Our Children’s Medical Center used to be a dream, but as we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year, we are beyond grateful that it is a reality. Everyday, parents bring their children and not only receive medical care, butthe hope of Jesus Christ.

Families are being transformed through quality medical care and we are able to do that with your support!

Please watch this short video to see the lasting impact being made in the lives of children and families.

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we celebrate all that YOU have helped make possible throughout 20 YEARS! 

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