Danita’s Children recently acquired 106 acres of land. Our dream is to cultivate this land into a fruitful farming and livestock project.

Many Haitians are subsistence farmers — working tirelessly to provide enough to feed their families.

Our dream is to develop much of the 106 acres into fruitful farmland. Our children and community will learn valuable skills through caring for the crops and animals. The farm project will increase sustainability of our mission. While we currently purchase our food from local vendors, our vision is to provide even more opportunities for our community and children to invest and develop Haiti.

The vision is to farm local vegetables, fruits and legumes, and raise goats and chickens.

We have started implementing the farming program on our campus. “Roots for Hope” is teaching students about agriculture and livestock. Local farmers and agricultural specialists are training our students on caring for animals and planting crops. The project currently consists of a chicken coop and small vegetable garden.

In an effort to continually improve our programs and help the families we work with become more self-reliant, the farming project is an example of this. The crops we grow will supplement our feeding program and help parents and guardians of children in our school become better equipped to care for their families.

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