Over 80 orphaned and abandoned children call Danita’s Children home. In our 8 Children's Homes, they are no longer orphans, but cherished sons and daughters, raised in a loving family environment with house parents and brothers and sisters Each child is being raised to become whole, healthy, confident and vibrant young men and women who will follow Jesus Christ and use the gifts they are given to make a difference in the world.

At Danita’s Children, we provide a safe haven for abandoned and vulnerable children, while encouraging families to stay together through our education and malnutrition programs. We follow God’s call to rescue, love, and care for orphans and impoverished children. We believe that when we do, we are following Christ’s commandment and are acting as His hands and feet. It is not just the responsibility of those who are called to full-time ministry to be concerned, but it is the responsibility of all believers and Christ-followers.

Our children live in eight different homes, divided by age and gender, in a family environment with house parents. Our Children’s Homes staff share a dedication to our mission – to educate, empower, and equip. Each child is provided with everything they need to grow up feeling secure, loved and well taken care of.

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Dauphley’s story: a life changed

Dauphin, one of our schoolteachers at Danita’s Children, was robbed and beaten to death in 2011, leaving behind his wife and five children. He was known for his gentle spirit and kindness towards each of his students.

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