Children suffering from malnutrition receive life-saving care through our Malnutrition program. Health is restored and families are empowered through quality medical care and preventative education.

Our program works to reduce infant malnutrition and lower the mortality rate in children across Haiti by providing access to medical care for treatable illnesses.

The program most often treats infants and children suffering from severe acute malnutrition, kwashiorkor, anemia, dehydration, and infectious diseases. It consists of two programs directed toward treatment and maintenance: 

In-Patient Program

Our 25-bed In-Patient Malnutrition Center is staffed with two pediatricians and around-the-clock nurses and medical personnel. With only two in-patient centers in Northeast Haiti, we receive the majority of severely malnourished children from government and non-government hospitals.

Out-Patient Program

Consistently serving around 75 children at a time, our out-patient program works in collaboration with the Haitian Health Department by allowing children to be treated for malnutrition while remaining at home with their families. The child receives routine check-ins with our nurses once a week and takes home medication and malnutrition supplements as needed.

We follow the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for treating malnutrition in Haiti. Our program includes the use of strong IV antibiotics, nutrient dense formula, and Medika Mamba ®, a locally-made ready-to-use therapeutic food by Meds & Foods for Kids. This treatment method provides each child with proper vitamins and nutrients to help them heal and grow stronger.

The goal of our Malnutrition Program is to provide access to quality medical care, proper treatment, and education to Haitian communities to help prevent future cases of malnutrition. Our prayer is that by serving those currently suffering, we would successfully educate families and communities and ultimately lower the number of children suffering from malnutrition in Haiti.

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