The cost to purchase, ship and install this oxygen concentrator is $125,000

Right now our greatest needs are food and oxygen. And because of the border closure caused by the coronavirus, the children in our hospital are at risk until we find a solution for our oxygen shortage. 

Currently, we use oxygen tanks to support patients who need supplemental oxygen. But these tanks are difficult to work with and cause many problems.

The tanks are expensive to refill, and because the border is closed we have to drive for hours to find a place where they can be refilled.

The tanks can run out, and when they do, they put our patients in danger. Our oxygen crisis is a severe problem, but it is one we have found a solution for. Our hospital could eliminate the need for oxygen tanks with a device called an oxygen concentrator. This life-saving equipment would generate all the oxygen we need for the entire medical center. It would also solve several other problems.

*  A concentrator would provide young children with reliable oxygen as they overcome challenging medical issues.

*  A concentrator would save our center money, which we could use to better care for all the patients and the children we help.

*  A concentrator would keep us from having to turn away sick children because of a lack of oxygen.

The cost to purchase, ship and install this oxygen concentrator is $125,000. One generous donor has already given $50,000, leaving us with a $75,000 need. But until we receive the rest of the funding, our patients in our care, are at risk, especially during this difficult time when the border and many medical centers are closed. 

Will you help us raise the money we need for this essential equipment? Your gift will help provide oxygen for patients in desperate need of help. Thank you for helping us care for our community and the children around us. We praise God every day for our life-saving partners.

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