The Orphanage

The Hope for Haiti’s Children Center/Danita’s Children began in January of 2000, as a small rented home, housing 14 children.

“When God hears the cry of His children, He sends a deliverer. In the scriptures, when the Israelites cried out God sent Moses. In preparation of the famine, God sent Joseph. In preparation of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, He sent Ruth. And today, when God hears the cries of His children, He calls you,"
Danita Estrella Watts, Founder and CEO

Today, we have over 100 children being loved and cared for every single day by an amazing team. These missionaries and staff devote their lives to the mission and vision of Danita’s Children. Our children live in eight different orphan homes, divided by age and gender, in a family environment with a staff member or missionary as a houseparent. They receive clothing, food, education, medical care, toys and an immense amount of love and affection.