How can you help? Every dollar is used to transform the lives of children and restore hope to the families.

One of our goals at Danita’s Children is to offer services that our community truly needs. We believe all the services are essential and life-saving, but recently this has been especially true for our medical center.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, we have never closed the doors to our medical center. Our priority is that every parent or family member who brings a child through our doors not only receives quality medical care, but that they experience the love of Jesus Christ.


Each month this year, the number of patients has increased. In fact, this quarter, we saw over 3x more patients than we did in 2020. And this doesn’t even include our inpatient, dental, and malnutrition patients!

Right now, our beds are at 90-95% full. Because of the high capacity, we recently had to hire a new full-time pediatrician. Also, every month we are bringing in extra nurses so each child can receive the care he or she not only needs, but deserves.

In addition, we are constantly buying new gloves, syringes, and other medical supplies, as well as purchasing masks and additional cleaning products to keep up with COVID-19 safety protocol.

I wish you could walk through the medical center and hear the stories of each family. I wish you could meet the young desperate mother who brought her one year old baby suffering from malnutrition. When she walked out of our doors, not only was her child’s life changed, but her life was changed, too. I also wish you could see the newborn baby who was abandoned in a trash bag, but saved by a local resident and brought to us for medical care. His life truly is a miracle!

The need that we are confronted with daily is great. With your help, we can continue to offer the care that the children in our community so desperately need. We rely more heavily on your support and the support of all of our donors at this time.

Your gifts are life-saving as we cope with the massive need in our community. When you give to the medical center, you can be confident that you are making a difference in the lives of the children and families that so desperately need our care. We pray that you will continue to generously support our medical center. Without your gifts, none of this is possible.

Danita’s Children is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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