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This month we’ve been learning what it looks like to care for the children of Haiti in the midst of a global pandemic.

Haiti is already feeling the effects of COVID-19. This nation of 11 million has only 65 ventilators, so keeping people healthy is vital but also challenging. 

For us at Danita’s Children, this virus has made our job much harder. Haiti and the Dominican Republic have closed its borders and airports, which means getting oxygen for our hospital is an ongoing challenge. Local food suppliers are closing, and those still open are unable to provide the quantity of food we need. Right now our children and staff are living on a limited diet of dried goods such as rice and beans, as finding enough produce and meat is very difficult.
Despite all of this, we are still committed to helping these children. Our hospital staff is still working at the hospital to keep it operating to serve the children, and several of our staff have chosen to stay in our children’s homes 24/7 caring for the children, sacrificing time with their own families. We are so thankful for their willingness to continue helping the children we care for.

Even though our strategy has changed, our mission has not. We will keep serving these children, but we can’t do it without our donors – people like you!
Without donors like you, and the continued faithfulness of the Lord, none of our work here could continue during this pandemic. We are so grateful for your prayers and support during this difficult time. 

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