Feeding Program

In severely impoverished countries such as Haiti, malnutrition is a serious issue. Malnutrition is directly linked to susceptibility to disease and early death. Over 20% of children in Haiti are born underweight and suffer from anemia, which are primarily related to malnourishment.

When Hope for Haiti Children’s Center/Danita’s Children first began caring for children, it was noticeable how difficult it was for the school children, who were not receiving daily meals, to focus on their studies. As the ministry realized that children as young as toddlers were facing near starvation, they knew something needed to be done to stop the cycle of hunger and malnourishment.

In 2002, the Hope for Haiti Children’s Center was able to establish a feeding program, which supplies children living in the orphan homes and enrolled in the school with daily meals. Today, over 16,000 meals are provided through the campus cafeteria and feeding programs, to children who otherwise would face malnutrition and potential starvation and early death.