Our medical center is facing
an energy crisis.

Our medical center has always used batteries, which are charged by a generator for power. This generator also acts as our backup power source. While functional, our system of batteries and generator is expensive to run because it requires diesel fuel.

However, the cost of the fuel is not the only significant financial burden posed by this system and today we’re facing another major hurdle. Our batteries are dying and in critical need of replacement. This means our generator is having to run much more often, which is especially hard in Haiti’s current state of crisis as the fuel for the generator can be challenging to locate and purchase. Our whole medical center relies on this system for power, so it is critical that we replace these batteries so that the children we serve are not left without adequate care.

Right now, replacing the batteries is our first priority. But this crisis has also driven home the need for us to have a sustainable solution for our energy for the medical center. Once we replace these batteries, our best long-term solution is to add solar panels. By adding solar panels, we would be prepared to power our medical center regardless of the crisis in Haiti.

As with everything we do at Danita’s Children, none of these goals and plans are possible without the generosity and support of our donors.

Last month, one of our donors offered a $63,000 matching gift for this urgent need! Your gift would be doubled, which would help us take full advantage of this opportunity at such a critical time.

Would you pray about giving to help us solve this energy crisis?

We would be blessed to have your support as we address this urgent need and continue to bring medical care to the children of Haiti.

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