Danita Estrella Watts is founder and President of Danita’s Children Hope for Haiti Children’s Center in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

Danita Estrella Watts with children
Danita and her children in 2001.

The feeding of one child in 1999 led to Danita founding an organization that provides 16,000 meals each month, a school that educates over 300 children, a children’s medical center that provides excellent pediatric care to the northeast region of Haiti. In addition, we provide a safe and loving home to over 100 children including special needs children who have been abandoned. We also serve the community through non-denominational church that provides discipleship and a message of hope to the community of Ouanaminthe. The organization recently acquired 106 acres of land with plans to cultivate the land into a sustainable farming project that will serve the ministry and families in the surrounding community.

Danita and her children in 2014.

Danita’s vision is to empower the next generation of Haiti and raise up leaders who will bring about change across their country. Of the children Danita has raised, 19 have graduated from high school and, through the implementation of a higher education program, 7 are currently attending college in the United States and 11 more are working on attending University in Port Au Prince, Haiti and abroad.

Together with her husband John, Danita divides her time between parenting and loving her children in Haiti, and maintaining her role as President/CEO from the stateside office in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Danita has become a well-respected and loved member of the community in Ouanaminthe, and her ministry is making a lasting impact which will affect the lives of Haitians for generations to come.