Right now we have many children who are still in need of sponsorship. These boys and girls are full of potential and our center is a remarkable place to foster that potential. Parents whose children attend our school tell us often how grateful they are that their children have the chance to be part of our community and get the quality education that many parents cannot afford.

What is Child Sponsorship?

Despite all the difficulties and disasters throughout Haiti and our world recently, we have seen remarkable resilience in the Haitian people in 2021, and we have also seen it in the children who come to our center through our Sponsorship Program. I truly believe that they are the hope and future for this country and that with the proper support, they will take Haiti to better, brighter places when they become adults.

While we’re hopeful that this school year will be more peaceful than the last 12+ months in Haiti, we know we’ll still need our sponsors just as much as we always have.

Your gift of sponsorship provides a child the chance at a brighter future, both through school and through nourishing food, medical care, and fellowship with peers and teachers. If you would like to learn more about this program, we’d love to first introduce you to the children in need of a sponsor right now.

To sponsor any one (or several) of these children and learn more about the impact of your investment, please view our November newsletter. There are children on the waiting list who need your sponsorship today!

Thank you for all your support. God bless you!

What is Child Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a relationship. When you sponsor a child through Danita’s Children, you are changing a life. As their sponsor, your generous gift will provide the basic necessities they need to support a healthy life. Your monthly sponsorship gift of $35 provides the following: 

  • Quality education
  • Nutritious food
  • Medical care
  • Housing for the orphans
  • Special Needs care 
  • Spiritual mentorship that provides them an understanding of their true identity in Christ

The decision you make today will positively change the life of a child living in poverty forever. Through your sponsorship, we are able to care for the next generation of Haiti. We invite you to be a part of raising up these future leaders and together, we can change Haiti one child at a time.

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