Snayder’s mom didn’t know he was so sick!

When Snayder’s mother brought him to our medical center, she thought he only had a minor case of diarrhea. But after arriving, she learned that her baby had severe malnutrition. At seven months old, Snayder weighed just nine pounds and was dehydrated. Snayder’s mother didn’t know that swelling, hair discoloration, and skin changes could all be signs of malnutrition. But she did know that our medical center was a safe place for her to take her baby.
Today, the child is in our inpatient malnutrition program and has been placed on a special supplement called F-75, that is used for malnutrition. He will remain in the inpatient program until his swelling is gone, he can take regular formula and Medika Mamba (a peanut butter high calorie supplement). Once he transitions out of inpatient, he will move to our outpatient program and we will continue to follow his journey of recovering from malnutrition.

For babies like Snayder, having accessible medical care available can prevent a lifetime of health problems.

We are grateful for you! Without our team of donors, we wouldn’t be able to offer services to babies like Snayder. Thank you for supporting our work.