You gave baby Michealle a chance to live!

“If you don’t bring your baby to Hope for Haiti Children’s Center, your baby will die.”

This is what one mother was told after giving birth to her baby girl at just 29 weeks pregnant in a nearby hospital.

The hospital staff knew that they did not have the ability to care for this baby successfully and they also knew that the Danita’s Children medical center was this mother’s only hope.

The mother took their advice, and just a short time after being born, Michealle Joseph reached our center. She quickly received medical care including an infant warmer, oxygen, treatment for infection, fluids, and more. Thanks to our team and her mother’s quick actions, baby Michealle is improving every day!

Michealle’s mother was confident in her baby’s chances because of her faith. “I had faith that God would provide, and He has,” she said. But she was also impressed by the level of care available in our center, which she said was a hospital unlike any she had seen in Haiti.

We are grateful for this mother, her faith in God, and the hope she had for her child. We are blessed to be able to provide care for children that is unlike any other care available in our area. And we are so thankful for donors like you who make all of this possible.