Our Medical Center's Biggest Blessings!

When our staff first met Wendley, he wasn’t even one day old, and he desperately needed our help.

His mother and grandmother were visiting family, and when Wendley’s mother went into labor at only 28 weeks, they panicked. Thankfully, the doors to our Medical Center were open!

Wendley weighed just over three pounds and needed special care to stay warm. Because God’s timing is always perfect, our team had just received our first infant radiant warmer and had it ready for Wendley’s stay. While Wendley had many medical challenges and obstacles to overcome, he also had the prayers and care of his family and our staff.

Today, Wendley is nearly three months old. He still has some medical battles to fight, but he is proving his resilience each day. It is a privilege to serve Wendley and to watch God provide in his life.

Our NICU is just beginning construction, and we are so grateful to our donors for funding it and to God for His constant provision for our center and the children we serve. We can’t wait to see more babies like Wendley find help in our NICU. We are grateful each day for the chance to bring God’s love to the children of Haiti.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us in this work!