Give Hope this Thanksgiving to a child like Adassa

Adassa was admitted to our malnutrition center in November 2017. Her family survives solely off their gardens. The few extra carrots, onions, and beans that their gardens produce, they attempt to sell in the local market. Her mother walks miles with produce on her head to the local market, hoping to provide for her family.

Adassa didn’t walk at the time of admission; she was too weak. Currently, she remains on a follow-up program and sees our pediatrician 2 times per year when we do mobile clinics in her village to ensure she is receiving proper nutrition. She also receives free health care at our partner clinic in her village where our nurse follows up with her and her family to prevent a malnutrition relapse.

Despite remote and sometimes impossible conditions, lives are being saved every single day by the unsung Haitian heroes who are working tirelessly for their people in their remote communities.

There has never been a more crucial time for our Mountain Outreach Program to be running. Roads are blocked and food and gas prices are high. Malnutrition is on the rise and we are keeping our partner clinics stocked with medicine and malnutrition supplies so they are ready for the next malnourished child who comes knocking on their door.

There’s no greater benefit than the knowledge that your gift made a difference in the life of an orphaned or impoverished child, allowing your donation to shape future leaders who likewise touch the lives of others. Thank you for your faithfulness over the past 20 years. Together we are changing Haiti, one child at a time…