This Christmas there are FOUR ways to change the life of a child through one of our new or expanding initiatives. We believe it starts with ONE person, just like it did 20 years ago, and we hope you will be that ONE.

In 2019 we will begin development of a 20-50-acre farm on newly-purchased 106 acres of land. Local farmers and our older children will raise chickens, goats, fruits and vegetables that will make self-sustainability a reality. Through farming, the local economy will benefit and we will be able to provide food to help fight hunger and poverty.

$50,000 – Fund the site survey, land clearing, and road
$6,000    – Install irrigation system
$4,500    – Purchase goats and chickens

In 2018 we completed our 3-room operating suite and conducted our first surgeries! This O.R. is the only one specifically for pediatrics in northern Haiti, and it is a place where desperate families can receive both medical care and hope.  In 2019, our vision is to have multiple surgeries per month for cardiac, ENT, club foot, burn repair, and more.

$5,300   – 1 month of medical supplies
$2,500   – 1-month’s supply of medicine
$1,400   – Sponsor 1 child’s surgery  

For the 2018-19 school year, we have almost 350 children in our Pre-K to 13 School and 30 students in our Higher Education Program attending college or vocational school. This education is empowering our children to dream and become godly leaders who will use their degrees and skills to bring positive change to Haiti.

$2,000 – Scholarship for 1 year of college in Haiti
$1,500 – Scholarship for 1 year of vocational ed in Haiti
$350    – Send 1 child to our School for 1 year
$50      – Sponsor a teacher for 1 month

In 2018 we launched Mountain Outreach, a new program to fight malnutrition in remote, rural regions of Haiti. As we have traveled to these regions, the suffering we encounter is unbelievable and the need is great. In 2019, we plan to expand this program by equipping and training the locals in these regions with the tools they need to fight malnutrition.

$6,200 – Sponsor 1 Mountain Outreach initiative
$2,000 – Sponsor Baie d’Orange malnutrition center for 1 month
$700    – 3-month’s stay for malnourished child 


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