Cerlang’s Story: One girls journey to find hope and healing!

Cerlang Jean is a bright 12-year-old girl. She enjoys going to school, spending time with her friends, and playing volleyball. Looking at her today you would never know that months ago she was fighting for her life.

One night she had a fever and the next day noticed a small bump on her neck. She didn’t think much about it until the bump became infected. The infection grew worse. Unfortunately, access to quality medical care in Haiti is not always available, and after several unsuccessful visits to local clinics, she was brought to our medical center.

As soon as our nurses saw the infection, they immediately began cleaning the wound and administered strong IV antibiotics. For weeks, Cerlang received around the clock care. With the help of daily cleanings and continuous antibiotics, her wound began to heal.

Your generosity provided immediate medical treatment for Cerlang when she needed it most.

During her stay in our medical center, she remembers a nurse that took her healing a step further.

“There was a nurse who sat with me all day, she talked with me and shared about God. I am so happy because I know God healed me!”

Today, Cerlang looks ahead with hope! She has two sponsors, is excelling in our school and plays on the girls’ volleyball team. She has big plans for her future. “I want to finish school and I hope to become a doctor one day!”

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children like Cerlang.

Cerlang’s story is a testimony of how your generosity is saving lives in Haiti. There are many more children in desperate need of medical care - and with your help it’s possible!

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