A Life Transformed: Enock’s Story

Life in rural Haiti is a constant battle for survival. Lack of clean water, adequate food, and access to medical care can often lead to malnutrition, sickness, and even death.

December 2016

Enock was struggling to survive when his mother brought him to our malnutrition center in December.

He was so sick he couldn’t even sit up on his own.

His mother was doing her best as a single parent to provide for her five young children. When Enock became sick, there wasn’t enough money to take him to the doctor. He was losing weight rapidly and she knew her son needed help. She was in a helpless situation.

Enock’s case was severe. At 8 years old he weighed in at just 31 pounds. He received a blood transfusion and antibiotics. His body couldn’t tolerate solid food at first, so he was fed nutrient-dense formula through a feeding tube.

Slowly, Enock’s condition began to improve.

Over the next few weeks he became stronger and was able to start eating solid food again.

Today, Enock is healthy because of you. He was discharged just last week and returned home to his family.

He will come back to our medical center for weekly checkups to make sure he maintains a healthy weight.

Enock’s life is forever changed because you decided to help a child hundreds of miles away. Your gift transformed his life and today his future is bright!

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