Adrien was playing soccer with his friends one day when he fell and broke his arm. He lives in a rural village in the mountains where there are no medical facilities or doctors close by.

Adrien is receiving post-operative care at Danita’s Children

His mother is raising him alone and she struggles to make ends meet. She had no extra money to seek medical treatment when he needed urgent care. With no other options, he went to a village doctor who attempted to fix the broken bone by applying natural remedies. This only made his condition worse.

A few days later, the arm was severely infected and the bone was exposed. Adrien was suffering with intense pain from the infection that was spreading throughout his body. His mother could not afford to buy any medicine or transport him into the city to see a doctor. A friend gave them money for a taxi and suggested they go to our medical center. Unfortunately, the infection was so severe, Adrien’s hand could not be saved. He needed emergency surgery to save his life.

Patients waiting to see the doctor inside our medical center

Since the operating room at Danita’s Children is not yet complete, we had to transport him to the closest hospital, two hours away. We paid for his surgery, which was a complete amputation of his infected hand. Adrien is receiving post-operative care at our medical center. He has dealt with the loss of his hand well and is very happy to be alive. We are so grateful that we were able to save his life. Thank you for making this possible! The addition of the operating room at Danita’s Children will serve children like Adrien who have life-threatening emergencies.